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Guide to Studying Arabic Abroad,  This guide is a brief introduction to studying Arabic in the Middle East targeted at college students looking for study abroad programs and relevant to anyone looking for a primer on studying Arabic in the Middle East.

Study in the Middle East,  A brief guide to studying abroad in the Middle East including the basic geography and basic information on lifestyle, culture, cost of living and, of course, where to study.

Guestblogger, The  API Study Abroad Blog

Sharjah – Hidden Gem of the Middle East  I worked as a study abroad advisor at the American University of Sharjah (AUS) for nearly three years. Academic Programs International (API) asked me to write this post, as both a study abroad advisor and former AUS student.


AUS Connect, American University of Sharjah
AUS Connect is the alumni magazine. I graduated from the University of Utah, but because AUS has been such an integral part of my life, I’m sort of  an honorary alumna.

AUS Connect Fall 2007 (full issue; interview on pp 12-13)
Interview pages only: Coming Full Circle
AUS Connect Fall 2012 (full issue; article on p 29)
*Interview page only: Working at IXO
*Note: I was interviewed via email for this piece and didn’t know until its publication that my answers would become the article. So, though it’s technically an interview, all words are my own.

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