About old

Things that are terrible:

Downtime without a book.

Cooking without a radio.

Cleaning without music.

Driving without podcasts!

Navigating an information superhighway pulsing with brilliance—but having to sift through the crap yourself!

But, never fear! Annaraybia and Fletcher “The Fletch” Fletchley are here! To curate your commute! Through life!

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Who are we?

Annaraybia is the Executive Blogger, Chief Curator Annaraybia.com and Head Photographer at Hernandi Enterprises. She curates 95% of the site’s content, writes it up, edits the blog, and keeps our instagram hoppin.

Fletcher “The Fletch” Fletchley contributes the occasional politics, news, technology-related pieces. He doesn’t really pull his weight around here, but boy is he good-looking!


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