To Converse, You Must First Be Able to Speak

Throne of Queen ShebaDay 3

I made it a goal to write at the end of each day. Boy, that sure lasted.

Yesterday was my first class. It was fine. Actually, I thought it would be easier than it turned out to be. I asked to work on conversation because I feel I have a lot of knowledge of Arabic, I just don’t know how to express myself and since I want to be able to talk with people, I figured I should focus on conversation. The Director asked if it was important if I had someone who spoke English.
I said, Well, yeah. I would prefer that.
He said, Maybe one of the two teachers will be, but it’s best that I have someone who speaks only Arabic because otherwise we’ll revert to English.
My teacher is Afrah, from a little viallge whose name I’ve forgotten (heck, i’m not even sure that it’s a small village). She speaks minimal English. It was so tough! She just came in and we started speaking Arabic and I realized how helpful it would be to have someone who spoke English. What I want is someone to explain to me Arabic syntax and grammar and use of prepositions. Anyway, I was able to stumble my way through an hour (maybe more? Not sure) unharmed. She spoke too fast for me most of the time, so the feeling of accomplishment was all the greater when I actually understood what she meant. I think with a little more studying on my part (okay, a lot) I’ll be able to communicate well at the end of these three weeks.
She also helped me with pronunciation and taught me some new vocab. It’s going to be very good, but I haven’t studied much :s. I’ve been out with A!!