**I tutor beginning Arabic students, but in a different capacity than what is below. I wrote this page  for a project I’ve frozen for the time being. You’re welcome to contact me anyway.** 

I started tutoring beginning Arabic students in 2007 and found that the biggest challenge is feeling overwhelmed. The script is weird (so you keep confusing ‘ba’ with ‘nun’); the sounds are impossible; you keep failing dictation quizzes because you can’t hear the difference between ‘Sad’ and ‘seen’; you can’t talk about yourself because in chapter 1 you learned “United Nations” instead of “I like ice cream”–and how are you ever going to memorize all these broken plurals?

Since 2006, I have done 5 intensive Arabic programs in 4 countries.  In an intensive program–especially one in a tough environment–you don’t have time to think about the language or dwell on your mistakes. You can only move forward. Stopping means failing.  It feels a little like drowning–and isn’t that how it feels to be in Arabic I? Like there’s so much, you’ll never learn it all.

But you will! The first step is to stop telling yourself Arabic is hard.
It’s not hard. It’s complex. It’s huge. It’s learnable.


Winning at Arabic (pt.1)
The Script
Sun and Moon Letters
What the What? (how to ask ‘what?’ in Arabic)
Can’t We All Just Get Along? (how to agree in Arabic) 

Why me?
I’m not a native speaker. I know what it is to put my heart into this (frustrating, beautiful, immense) language. I know how impossible it can feel, and how doable it is. I spent a semester in Egypt studying 25 hours per week for 4 months. I’ve invested years in this language, both learning and tutoring, and know about getting through the rough parts. I only work with beginners because with them I can guarantee  excellent results. 

My rate: $30/hour. Look around. Other tutors charge $40, $50, $60 an hour. Like many of them, I have a degree (BA) in Middle East Studies: Arabic, years of tutoring experience, and many more of language learning. I set my rate at $30 because it’s a reasonable price for a beginner to pay. You’re not even certain how far you’ll go with this language–why pay $60? But you do know that you want to give it your best shot, that whatever you learn, you want to learn well.

Start here.

I’m looking for 5 students–any age, so long as you’re a beginner–to work with on a weekly basis now through December 20th*. Contact me.


The new season starts next week.

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