The (Middle Eastern) Lands I Have Traveled


*Places I’ve studied.


After graduating in 2009, I moved to Amman to study Arabic, find work with an NGO, and be back in the States by January. Instead, I studied for two months at the University of Jordan Language Center and left the day after my course finished. 3 years later, I’m still trying to make my way back to the States.
At the time, I was keeping a blog. I’ve republished most of my entries here.

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Snapshots from my life. Sort of.
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Between Fall 2006 and Spring 2007, I had a 4 week break. I spent it studying Arabic in Sana’a during the week, and traveling the country with my friend and her family on the weekends. It’s my favorite country in the Middle East, and by far the best Arabic program I’ve done.
I had very limited (and sloooow) internet access, so all I have is a textedit document I was really lousy at updating, as you’ll see.

Day 1 (coming soon)
To Converse, You Must First Be Able to Speak
Driving in Yemen

Coming soon sometime, Inshallah:
How to Study in Yemen! (I recommend SIAL. But I think it’s closed. :/ YCMES is probably decent too.)
Expensive, but quality, Arabic language programs in the Middle East (API, CIEE, IFSA-Butler….)
Inexpensive, totally authentic, Arabic language programs in the Middle East (ideas! links! reviews!)
Best places to study (my totally biased view) (Fine, I’ll just tell you: Egypt, Syria and Yemen.)

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