The story begins in 2009 with a move across the planet. It took me 4 planes, 7 security checks, 31 hours, and 8,000 miles to get from college graduation to a life in the Middle East. I wrote about living in Jordan, and a little bit about my stints in Yemen and Egypt. (Normally I would link those separately but I’m changing things up around here! Stay. Tuned.) I had a pretty cool life, more of which you may glimpse here.

With the years has come wisdom and wisdom is a proven reducer of navel-gazing, so now the blog features some really cool stuff that I had nothing to do with creating. You can check it all out here.

Specifically I recommend this poem and Oprah interview (all of it! but excerpt at link); this life advice; and this piece I wrote about how This American Life changed the radio game, the podcast game, the sound of radio game, the fundraising game–just all the games.  It’s a good piece.

And I host church from time to time. It’s whatever I feel inspired by, but so far it’s just been good literature. (Not the Bible.) (Yet?)

Stick around, dude!


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