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I studied Arabic between June 2006 and August of 2009. In those 3 years I did 5 Arabic programs in 4 countries, lived in and traveled the Middle East, and finished my degree in Middle East Studies: Arabic with well over 4 years’ worth of language study. I’ve had a dozen different teachers and tutored nearly as many students. Since 2010, I’ve been working as a study abroad advisor in the UAE. Between 2010 and 2013, I worked as a study abroad advisor at the American University of Sharjah.

All of this to say: I’m a disgraceful Middle East Studies major, but I am an excellent Arabic learner and I know the ins and outs of study abroad programs in (most of) the region. Arabic students, you don’t have to get chewed up by the beast that is the Arabic language, and you should not pay exorbitant amounts ($10,000+) to study it.

I started this site to help Arabic students with two things:

1. Arabic is not the hardest language in the world.Β I think it is best characterized as ‘immensely complex.’ It is a beast, yes, but if Arabic is a vicious 3-headed dog, we are Harry Potter.

2. Studying Arabic is cheap, delicious and fun, and you should definitely study it.Β In the Middle East. Which is safe (most places, most of the time) and totally affordable. I suggest not going through a program that is going to cost you thousands of dollars per semester. You can do it (better) for like $1000 a month. A month!

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*Updated 6 March 2013

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