Help Me Get A Cat!

girl with armful of kitties

This is me when I was 5 years old.
girl with armful of kitties

Actually, let me rephrase that. This is a picture of me that was taken when I was 5 years old, and it is also a picture of me at almost 30, if you could see inside my soul.

The only difference between me and her is that I no longer have any cats.


I’ve moved a lot in adulthood, including several overseas moves, and then when I settled down, it was with a professed pet-hater. Did you even know such a thing existed?


Well, I’ve been telling myself for years that when it’s right, the Universe is going to send me a cat (isn’t that what the cat fairy’s for?). I’ve gotten my family on board, too, with trying to persuade my husband that cats are not the evil the dog-lovers lobby has made them out to be. They are so smart! They are funny! They can even be sweet!

We even went out in January to visit my sister, who is a very clean woman, and Ben got to see up close that you can have a litterbox in your home and not even smell it, and a cat in your home and not have any hair on your clothes.

He was not convinced, but our yearslong campaign of cat videos continues. And it seems to be working.

Last night we were both sitting at the bar working on our computers when he looked at over at me. What are you doing?

Um…watching@fosterkittendiary ‘s livestream? I turned my phone to show him their darling little kitten faces.

You know that look you give your spouse when you don’t quite understand what they’re saying but you’re definitely concerned about their answer? He gave me that look, and held it for several seconds before turning back to his screen. Then, a second later, he turned back to me.

Okay look, he said. If you make $2000 a month on your blog, you can get a cat.

Did he just say that? He did not just say that. Make income from my hobby? And we’ll get a furbaby? What’s the catch?

Okay…Like, for how many months?

When you start generating consistent income. 

Right, but, what counts as consistent? 2 months? 3?

Yeah. When you start making money each month, we can get a cat.

And then we shook on it. We shook on it!


So, not really sure how to do that yet but I think getting some readers is a good place to start. Read. Tell your friends. Help me get a cat! And then you can come back and get original cat content and it will be the best!

This blog has been many things over the years: my travelogue in Jordan, Egypt, and Yemen,, and a smattering of other places. A space for existential reflection. An unflinching look at how the great recession of 2008 affected me as a college graduate and contributed to 6 months of jobless bumming on my parent’s couch.  A glimpse into my home.

These days, I continue the ponder the meaning of my existence and the purpose of my life. I do this mostly through literature though not exclusively. And I continue to be a near insatiable consumer of stories–books, podcasts, interviews, interesting stories and videos–and I share the best ones. Most recently, I’ve been working on a series of posts about your body–well, my body–and struggles with eating and feeling good and bad and angry and great. I’ll be adding to that, and expanding to other topics (see the site tagline).

So. I think you should go get your friends and y’all should stick around. Or, tell me in the comments what would make you stick around! What do you want to read about?

And remember to tell your friends! If not for me, then for her:

girl with armful of kitties
Look at all those kitties! They’re bigger than I am!



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