I’m writing this above Cluj-Napoca

Do you know where that is? Because I know a lot of things about the world, but that I had to google. 

Cluj-Napoca is in Romania. 

I am 35,000 feet in the air, traveling 547 mph over Romania and typing a blog post. Romania, dude! 

The world has changed. 

13 years ago, my first time across the world in 2004, I had a 5 hour layover in Amsterdam and people were smoking in the airport. Now I am blogging over Romania. 

I just re-read that. 13 years, dude! That’s nearly half my life. I now have internet on international flights but Emirates’ in-flight entertainment system? Still can’t detect my finger. Touchscreen technology has been on the mass market for 10 years but Emirates, a world-class luxury airline, still won’t play Ugly House to Lovely House episode 1.

Anyway, here are some headlines I’ve been watching instead:

Not a single word about the big American circus of 2017. 

Guys, my legs are cramped and my knees aching and my nose dry and my eyes tired and I’m thirsty and uncomfortable and ready to land in Dubai–but this is the best. 

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