Friday Round-up: Groundhog Day Edition

This post will have nothing to do with groundhogs.

My mom sent me this video today with the message, I’m sure this is a message from my future granddaughter.

Oh, if I know anything about that future granddaughter: YES.

Recipe recommend:

I saw this chickpea curry on instagram this week and made it. But without any spiralized veggies and with the addition of lots of other ingredients, and so does it actually count? Whatever it was delicious. Thank you for the inspiration, Ali!

Also! I saw this black bean and sweet potato bowl recipe and did not make it, but totally will this week. Doesn’t that look so good? And simple! Perfect for a weeknight.

Instagram is the best place to find recipes, by the way. That’s where I get about 80% of the good stuff I make.

And church will def be happening on Sunday. I’m featuring two women writers, one whom you’ve definitely read before, and the other whom you probably haven’t(?). See you back here Sunday at 8 AM!

Happy weekending!

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