Everything You’ve Been Told About How Your Body Works? Is WRONG.

Read and understand operator's manual

Last week my friend posted this on Facebook. Is she talking about ME? I wondered.

Yes! It’s me! I’m the friend! And she’s right that it’s a fascinating read (you’re welcome) but.

I have some thoughts:
1. These tracking methods are only fascinating because we’ve never heard of fertility tracking before.
2. Wait, what do you mean we’ve never heard of it before? I think I know how my body works.
3. No. You don’t. And it’s CRAZY when you actually find out. How do we not know how our own bodies work?
4. Women. I’m talking about women, here, because we have some crazy complicatedmiraculous bodies that people still–in 2017!!–don’t really understand.
5. Mostly it’s because of the patriarchy and hundreds and thousands of years of our reproductive organs being associated with uncleanliness, impurity, and and sweet sweet danger.
6. I want to teach everyone about the fertility awareness method. I want every single woman on the planet to know about it. I want it to be so known, that “fertility awareness method” becomes obsolete because now it’s just “biology”.
Starting right here with this blog. Don’t let the “fertility” part throw you. If you’re a woman, you want in on this action.
Action items:
1. Order yourself a copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility*. It’s awesome. And I know “fertility” is in the title, but think of it just as like the Woman Operation Manual because if you have female reproductive organs, this book is for you.
2. Get a period tracker. I use Kindara and have for years so I’m a fan, but, admittedly, I’ve never used anything else.
2a. But do other trackers come with thermometers? Because if you’re going to track, you want a wink. You really do. It’s the best.
3. Tell you friends! And your enemies! And your Twitter list! Just freaking let everyone know that everything you’ve been taught your whole life is wrong and that the world is backwards and upside down and you’ve found the way forward and rightsideup. Because seriously, that’s how it’s going to feel. That and some anger.
BONUS: I just found this podcast called Fertility Friday. It is really good because it covers all kinds of topics related to women’s health and reproduction and fertility and PCOS. I mean, just look at the episode list.
*Amazon is the cheapest and quickest way to get your copy, but I’m giving you the option of supporting an independent bookseller, which I’m working to do more of.

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