Friday Round-up

Here’s a cool quote I heard this week:

The reason that Fear and Creativity are so innately linked is that Creativity will always ask you to enter into a situation where the outcome is unknown. That’s what Creativity does. And Fear hates that. 

-Elizabeth Gilbert on the podcast No Filter with Mia Freedman (#16 on the list).


I’m really liking Sampler. This week’s was scary stories and of course I was disappointed. Scary stories never reach satisfying conclusions. With the exception of Pet Cemetery. Maybe I just need to read more horror stories. Or maybe I don’t.

There are not enough good Friday podcasts. I listen to Dear Sugar, usually on Saturdays–what am I missing?


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 2 tomorrow. So excited for more music, and to see that cow shirt.

This routine is so beautiful I cried. (Word note: I always think of routines as boring. I looked up its etymology and it’s from the word for “route” (which, duh, why didn’t I see that?) and now it doesn’t seem boring but very apt. The routine you establish is your route to success.)



Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow. But actually I’m listening to it. 4 hours in. 33 hours to go.

Torch by Cheryl Strayed. Barely started this one. Thinking I should have just picked up the book. Oh–because I’m listening to it.

Tonight bought Born For This by Chris Guillebeau and Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, which has been on my list for nearly a year. Would be reading it now if I weren’t writing. (I’m linking to author pages to make placing an Amazon order less convenient. Buy independent!)

The Hamiltome. (Which was bought through Amazon.)


The hus gets backs tonight and I can’t wait. I make terrible choices when he’s gone.

Pondering 2 Kings 4, the miracle with the Widow’s oil. To me it’s the story of sorrow and fear, and letting your friends carry you through it. And economic independence and self-reliance and awe an wonder. It’s a good one.

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