Be vulnerable. Be terrified. Beyonce.

“I feel very vulnerable when I perform a song for the first time. I may not say it, but I am terrified. Oh my God what am I doing? Why am I here? What am I doing? Why did I do this?
I like that nervousness. I don’t like it in the moment. But I know that it just means that I want it and it means that it’s challenging to me and I’m doing the right job.
You can’t be too comfortable and too confident.”

I think that all of Beyonce’s success comes down to that quote. She can sing and dance and go platinum with no hype, but it is her ability to create in the face of fear (alongside fear?) that makes her Queen.

Also of note:
The bit at 5:00 when he says, What’s your name? And she says, Beyonce. Bet she hasn’t had that experience in a while.

Did you watch to the end? That moment made me cry too.

Insight: She couldn’t get the look, the dance she wanted so she had her people find the dancers in the video. Which took four months. And then she flew them in from Africa, for a routine that lasts less than a minute. A routine in which not only is Beyonce the focal point, the center stage, the only dancer you can see with any clarity, but in which the dancers heads–the ones that took months to find and then were flown halfway around the world– are not fully visible(!).

And yet, the video would not have been the same without them. They brought something that no one else could bring. It’s subtle, and it’s the kind of attention to detail that has put her at the top.

That, and the real live lion she brought on to set for a four-second shot.

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