Things I would do with lots of time and money and will and energy and

Relocate pictures from living floor to living room walls.

Fix the clothes in my To Alter pile.

Buy some killer winter boots.

Put up some bookcases. Fill with books.


Read more blogs.

Sort through our pictures from the past three years and get them printed on wood.

Get the others framed.

Figure out gallery arrangement.

Hang photos.

Find gorgeous, perfectly-sized, reasonably-prized mirror for dining room wall.

Figure out which artifacts to display on new bookshelves, arrange around dining room mirror.

Repaint the trim from off white to proper white (sigh).

Replace the bulbs in my kitchen. Actually, I could do that tomorrow….


Hire someone to replace the bulbs in my kitchen

Hire someone to put up the pictures in my living room, and pick out three good bookshelves for me to choose from.

Choose best bookcase, send person to store to buy, bring home, and assemble.

Hire same person to hang above-mentioned ideal mirror.

Can that person wash and fix my leaking car, too?

And act as my body-proxy so that my clothes can be altered by an actual seamstress(/-ster) that they might hang correctly when finished.

Embiggen our walk-in closet to accommodate my growing boot collection.

Clean the dirty white carpets upstairs.

Replace with hardwood floor….

…while we’re on vacation.

Plan dinner for in-laws.

Host dinner.

Attribute credit for delicious food, gorgeously decorated, perfectly-lit home to me. Me, in my well-fitting clothes as I regale my company with tales of my travels abroad.

Me, of money, of time, of enormous energy, willpower, and—



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