Today I looked around my living room and felt so happy and proud and in love with the space. It turned out better than I’d imagined because in my imagination, I could see how it would look (rather dimly though as my imaginings are never very vivid) but I couldn’t feel it. I didn’t know that when it was done, it would feel fresh and warm, inviting and energetic. That I would feelย vibrant and happy and energetic just being in it. That it would feel like home.

I’m a youngest child, so I’m not used to having my own things. And,ย having moved a LOT in my life, I’ve gotten used to not making my spaces home. I live, but don’t dwell. (Or dwell, but don’t live?)

Anyway, I moved into my husband’s house, which he’d lived in about 7 years already and which had been decorated mostly by his mother. The place did not feel like home to me and I was determined, until very recently, that we would move to a new place andย make it ours together.

And then, early one February morning, our water heater broke and flooded our downstairs.

Oh, it wasn’t much as flooding goes–hardly half an inch. But if you’ve ever dealt with half an inch of water in your home, you know that’s all it takes.

And so for the last four months (!), we’ve been transitioning space. We got a new hardwood floor (goodbye, real, beautiful. Hello, affordable engineered!), new baseboards, crown moulding, paint, and all new decor. This weekend, we even bought some new furniture.

One day, I may show all the work of the past four months. For today, I’ll just show you the before and after photos. Pardon the quality. They’re just from my phone.

BEFORE (/during)

Amazing what a difference paint makes.

It wasn’t until my husband mentioned bringing the furniture back in that I remembered we had furniture to bring back in! I would have been with just these (bright, warm, inviting, lovely) walls.


One day, when we upgrade our internet, I’ll optimize this post with better-edited photos.

For now, I’m just going to sit here and delight in this amazing room we put together and think about how nice it is to be home.