All your dreams will come true. Trust me.

I bought a used car in September. I’ve parked it under a tree everyday for the last 3 months and it showed. Bird poop and caked dirt, and leaves in every little crevice.
So last month, I decided to wash my car. I asked the guy who sold it to me and he said, oh sure. There’s a little place around the corner. You can do it for like 20 bucks. 
How long does it take?
Oh like an hour, maybe two. 
Two hours! Twenty bucks??
Look, I get that that’s like a good deal here or whatever, but it’s crazy. In Dubai, I used to get my car washed while I shopped for groceries. Park my car, tell one of the washers 30 minutes, pay him 5 bucks and by the time I returned, he’d be drying my tires. I know! Why aren’t these guys in Houston?? (Teenagers! I have a business venture for you. It’s genius.) So of course I let another rainy dirty bird-droppy month and a half go by, and I probably would have let another had I not happened to mention my filthy disgusting car to a friend, and how I couldn’t possibly afford twenty bucks AND two hours.
Just use one of the quarter washes. 
Yeah, it’s like right down the street and it’ll be like 5 bucks.
5 bucks! And no waiting??And three months later, my car is washed. I did it myself. I paid with a credit card.
I even wore my red heels.

As I was hanging up the vacuum hose, one of the attendants said to me, Remember, this is going to be the best year ever.
The best year ever? I repeated.
All your dreams will come true. Trust me. 

Well, I never got that in Dubai.

Here’s to you, 2014! Don’t be the best year ever–I don’t want to peak at 26–but do be the best yet, and remember that my dreams include car washers at HEB.

Happy New Year!



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