A bed. A place to sleep that is not the floor. Home.

When I left my former life, I only took what could fit in a few suitcases. I lived in furnished apartments for 8 months, and then moved to a bare apartment with hardwood floors in Houston. I didn’t have a mattress and why didn’t I buy an air mattress? Because it like seemed expensive and hard and really, the floor was at least as comfortable as the mattress I slept on in Cairo for four months. Why spend the money? I’d rather wait until I could afford a real mattress.

So, since early September when I moved in, I’ve been sleeping on a folded up comforter. I came home tonight to my neighbor saying, I got a package for you (he collects them so they don’t get stolen from my doorstep. I don’t even ask him to, bless him.). And he pulled out a giant box and I said, That’s a really big box for something I never ordered.
That’s because I didn’t.

Mail order bed :)
That’s an air mattress, by the way.

Thank you, James!Β 
Goodbye, hardwood floor! My back and I will not miss you.


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