Win win.

Laser Razors with complementary calculator
Laser brand razors! Now with calculator!

The Middle East loves packaging.

Like when you go to the grocery store in America, the goal is to get as many goods into one bag as possible without ripping the bag or crushing the bread. Here, the philosophy is to use as many bags as possible so the items never come in contact with one another.

Today I bought two bottles of water, a little container of juice, a can of soda, and a bag of jellybeans (it’s been a stressful week). He pulled out a bag and started putting the water in, first one bottle and then the other, and I said, You can put everything in the same bag.
Meaning, of course, forΒ him to put everything in the same bag.
He smiled at me and said, I know. Then pulled out a smaller bag, which he then filled with my junk food. When he was done, he handed me only one bag.
See? His smile said. Everything in the same bag.

Right. I said, and smiled.

Everything in the same bag, and we used two.

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