Studying Arabic in Cairo

This is just a quick note–I’ll do full reviews later–to say that if you are looking for a good Arabic language program in Cairo, Egypt, I cannot recommend highly enough Arab Academy. I attended Arabeya for a month, which was fine, and checked out Kalimat and International Language Institute (ILI) which both looked decent. Arab Academy, though, may even be better than Sana’a Institute for the Arabic Language, which was heretofore the #1 best program I’d ever participated in. It may be. By which I mean: it is excellent. Look no further for an excellent Arabic language school in Cairo. Arab Academy rocks.

They also offer online instruction. I heard today from one student that it was also really good (and he is now at the Academy studying, so he’s seen both sides). It’s not something I can comment on, but perhaps something you can check out?

(They did not pay me to say this. I just want to promote good schools and give students good information on studying Araabic abroad.)


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