Cool Learning Tool: Aswat ‘Arabiya

I’ve never been good at studying on my own, and I’ve never been a student who reads outside of class. But, I am always looking for exposure to the language and where do you get exposure to MSA in a place that is not the newspaper?
Here, guys.

Aswat ‘Arabiya features videos–numerous videos!–for every level from beginner to beyond advanced (“المتفوق”) covering a wide range of topics. (Glancing over the beginning options, for instance, the topics include: “Baba Ghanouj” and “Address and Telephone Number” and Advanced has “Doctors without Borders” “Islam in America” and “Preparing Baba Ghanouj”). Plus, each video has an accompanying document with comprehension questions.


It’s awesome for brushing up on your skills/bolstering them/learning new vocab/ exposing yourself to “real” Arabic.  Check it out.

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