Because you can’t say ‘sh’ in Spanish.

Terry Moore: Why is ‘x’ the unknown?

This talk is seriously cool:

My notes:

1. To write a word or a phrase in Arabic is like crafting an equation because every part is extremely precise and carries a lot of information. This is part of why Arabic is so intimidating and immense–all these precise parts (so many!) that must fit together according to very specific rules (and more rules and counter-rules…). It’s also what makes Arabic so great (and learnable): it’s logical. You learn the rules and you  can rule the language. (You really can!)

2. One problem is there are some sounds in Arabic that just don’t make it through a European voice box without lots of practice. Trust me on that one. No, don’t trust him on that one. Go practice (a lot) and then trust yourself.

3. I Hans-Vehr’d ‘الجبر’ and came up with this: setting (of broken bones); force, compulsion; coercion, duress. Isn’t that so appropriate?

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