24 hours….

You’ll never guess where I’m writing this.

Delta Flight 68 to JFK. Wi-fi on board. Seat 6A.
A window seat in first class. To New York–the greatest city in the world!
I just got served cranberry juice in a glass. (A glass!)
In my headphones is this song:
(well, the whole soundtrack, but this song happens to be playing).
In 24 hours, I will be on Broadway, hopefully seeing the fine Andrew Rannells himself belting it out. (Oh my, I love him.) And if not him, he’d better have on hell of an understudy.
I know that the tone of this post is not successfully conveying the sheer excitement that is freaking boiling in my stomach, so let me just say it straight out: I’m so excited.
I am so. excited.
I’m flying to New York! First class! For my birthday! I’m going to see a broadway show–and not just any show, but the freaking sold out show of the century!

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