Where I’ve Been

So, it’s been a while since I blogged. That’s because it’s been a while since I did anything. I mean, I did have a fantastic, fun, amazing, delicious, WONDERFUL trip to Egypt at the start of the decade, but I think everyone reading this is my facebook friend, and so you have already seen the incredibleness that was that trip.

Since then, I have been here:

This is my desk where, in a standard weekday, I will spend the better part of 9 hours sitting here, emailing, meeting with students, emailing, doing secretarial stuff, emailing, and a little more emailing.

It is also where, for the last (slightly more than a) month, I have spent the better part of 12 hours a day scrambling to stay afloat amid a rising tide of—well, everything.
I knew before the semester began that it would be crazy. Last semester I worked 2 nearly 60-hour weeks at the start of the semester and it was only me and 8 students. This year it was supposed to be me, 11 students, my boss, and a new & improved orientation program. I was prepared for 2 exhausting weeks.

Then, the Egyptians revoluted (woohoo them!) and we had a bunch a bunch of emails from partners and non-partners asking if their students could come here. And, since I am in charge of all incoming non-degree-seeking students, I had a lot of extra work to do. Our numbers doubled in just 5 short days and now, a full 4 weeks (+ a little) later, I’m nearly back to my cushy 9 hour day 🙂

My workspace is quite orderly now. Cluttered, sure, but the important thing is: you can see my desk!
You can also see my collection of sunglasses (to the left), my toys (on the computer), my speakers, and the music that’s playing (800 points to whoever names the song that’s playing) (also, I don’t watch videos during the day, but they are playing in the background. Realplayer is so awesome!), and the Best Bulletin Board since the one before it (below).

Like how I’ve arranged it? I have the three most important, most frequently used reference documents prominently displayed, and surrounding them is happy travel awesomeness. Genius!
All the postcards were given (or sent!) to me from abroad. Starting at top left, we have Nepal, below that I’m not sure (probably the US, actually) (it’s a normal card, not a post one), the UK, top right column: Sri Lanka (just arrived today!), China, India and Malaysia.
It’s the Best, I tell you! (Also, feel free to send me a postcard anytime!) (I will display it prominently and proudly)

On the far right, we have my Year in Yes calendar:
It has a whole column devoted to “Favorite Words”! And a space to write the Things I loved this month. And sprinkled throughout each months are little special occasions and holidays liiiike:

Plan a Solo Vacation Day—which I am doing now.

So, you should all get one. It’s awesome. Plus, the blogger, Ms Sarah Von, is so ridiculously cool that I donated to her cause and got cool things in return! I’ll tell you about that in a minute.
Right now, it’s time to introduce you to the First Bulletin Board of Awesome:

That green thing at the top is my (un)official name plate. It says Annabeans. It was wrapping paper for the stickers (get to those in a minute), but I liked it to much to throw away.

Once again, this bulletin board is more play than work. Sorry, did I say play? I meant, What the heck is all the crap?
I hung this up in honour of that one time the chancellor corrected my grammar. It’s my favorite comic ever.

Above it hangs my little gift from Sarah Von. As I was saying, she is spending several months volunteering her way across Asia (started a few months ago in India and is currently in Laos. Click here to read about it). I can’t find the post now, but if you donated some money, she would send you something cool. This little bag has a bracelet inside, and that postcard from Nepal? From Sarah 🙂

Those frogs, however, I’ve had since Jr high. And I still love them ♥
Speaking of adorable things I love, LOOK AT THESE STICKERS:

I nearly die from Cuteness every time I see them! ♥ ♥

And last but not least, my two favorite sticky notes ever:

The yellow was written on a particularly tough day last semester. 🙂

The pink was waiting for me when I came back from lunch one day in the Fall. It says, Pls find out the number of this hot girl in my marketing (401) 1400 clock session. First name Fatima! Thx, Tobi.
Sure Tobi. I’ll get right on that.

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  1. Ok – I'll try to go in order.
    FIRST- I noticed that you had a new cork board right away! And I recognized the fans immediately but not Sri Lanka (You got it!! YAAAAAYYYY!! And did you love what it said?? <3 <3 <3)
    SECOND- I am so lame. I'm not getting the Year in Yes calendar this year. And Sarah was even so nice to write to me when I couldn't figure out how to pay for the dang thing. I promise to get one next year.
    THIRD- The grammar comic gives me the warm and fuzzies every single time I see it. I am in love with the froggie push pins (I'll remind you when my birthday is coming up *hint hint*) and I think I'll sneak into your office and steal the puffy kitty stickers.
    FINALLY- Tell Tobi that Fatima dropped but that you know someone who'd LOVE to meet him!! >_<

  2. 1. YAAYY! Yes i did! Did I not tell you?! Halina, I loved it ♥ thank you so much!
    2. Lame, indeed. But it's okay! You can come down and visit mine 😀
    3. ME TOO! (and hint taken *wink*)
    4.hahahahahah He'll be out in April!