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It’s been 6 years and two days since I moved to Emirates! For the first time, I mean. How crazy is that?

Here’s a link to my parents’ photos from the Middle East: here It’s really cool, and I am so jealous of their travels.
Tomorrow I’ll be checking out the Organic foods store in Dubai Mall. I’ll take the Metro, which unfortunately smells like portapotties. What is up with that? It’s worth the 40-minutes of Stank and the ten minute bus ride to get there. The more I go to that mall, the more I like it. I hope to take lots of pictures. Whether I post or not is another matter entirely.
My friend and I cooked and ate dinner at my sweet new apartment tonight. I forgot to take pictures though :/
The weather was lovely today. On the way to my sweet new apartment, I looked at the dash and then said to my friend, Wow! It’s only 40 degrees! I love this!!
Later, we were sitting on my balcony (I have a balcony!) eating guacamole and asparagus and talking about what a lovely evening it was.
How lovely exactly? Well, you can find out for yourself at Or:
104 F

I really love the summer. Even when I don’t have any ice cream to eat 🙁
What else do I love?
These folks:

From left to right that’s: Jyms (I guess it’s actually “James” but the way he says it, you can’t tell), Me(!), Isaac, Esther, and Evans. Today they taught me that “Mambo” in Swahili means ‘Hello’. So does ‘Jambo’ (which *always* reminds me of that one part in Mean Girls). Esther is going back to Kenya this week 🙁 but said I could visit any time! 🙂 So the only question now is: Who’s coming with me? Safari, baby! YEAH! Also: Kenyans! Woohoooo!
I know I still owe pictures of….everything. I might get around to them sometime.
For now, here are some photos of me eating ice cream:

Being spoonfed chocolate ice cream in Salt Lake City, 2009

Spoon Me! (fro yo) with Kalli during my visit in 2010

Some put on a game face. I prefer, well, this:

More Spoon Me 🙂 Acai Berry and Chocolate with strawberries, raspberries and chocolate chips :d

In front of the Astronomical Clock, Prague, July 2010 That’s my second serving (4th scoop!) of raspberry and chocolate gelato. I got one (two) more before the night’s end 🙂

Bakdash Ice Cream in Damascus, Syria, 2010. Raspberry and Chocolate again. One of the guys gave me a free cone (not pictured). I love this place, and not just because of the free scoops 🙂

May your summer be filled with exotic travels, beautiful people, hot (but insanely gorgeous!) weather, and lots and lots of delicious ice cream.
Until next time,
Le Ray

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  1. OOOH ooh me!! I'll go to Kenya, and eat TONS of ice cream with you. You should really visit Boston (which I'm only 3 1/2 hours from) and try the wonderfully genuine-tasting gelato there. OH BABY! 🙂 So glad you are having tons of fun despite the crazy temps and not having me around. hehehe… 😉 I MISS YOU ANNA, I miss all of my Arabic friends!!! Can I just come visit your sweet new pad in UAE? Would it be too weird? ahhh….ana bahibatik!