Last Fall, the phone I’d had for five years–my very first cell phone ever that I (my parents) bought when I first moved to the UAE–finally gave out. I was unemployed and broke at the time, so I went to the store and got a cheap-o replacement.

Then this summer, my genius self managed to leave that phone in Utah. After a month of being out of touch, my dad insisted I replace it. This time, I went to the store and found an ever CHEAPER cheap-o replacement, but it was Motorola and I really loathe Motorola phones. I was lamenting the situation to my boss one day (before the crappy ol’ Motorola entered the picture) and suggested I get a work phone.
And I was like, Oh great. A work phone so I can work all the time and never again have any excuse for missing an email or call or text or facebook notification.
But then I learned I could get a Nokia, and I really love Nokia phones.
So yesterday, nearly two months after ordering the phone, I got it! The Nokia C5. She’s soooo lovely. A little dumb–I still haven’t been able to access the internet?–but beautiful and easy to use and oh how I missed my Nokia!!
I didn’t realize until yesterday, though, how much I missed having a camera on my phone.
Check this out:
This is the view from my desk:
I call it my office ‘sweet‘ (heh heh)

Last night, I went grocery shopping with my Kiwi BFF at a store called “HyperPanda”. (I am not even lying.) One of the great things about this store is it has bargain bins! DVDs for less than 10 bucks, baby. Yeah. That’s where I found this:

It’s Hercules in Arabic!! I didn’t buy it.
But the even cooler thing about HyperPanda, other than its name obviously, is its Best Sellers bin.

Sweeney Todd, I Am Legend, Blood Diamond, The Departed, The W–whaa?

Yep. The Work and the Glory–all 2 of ’em! But I don’t mean, Only 2 DVDs. They had dozens of copies of The Work and the Glory! At HYPERPANDA! In the UAEEE.
This, friends, is why I love having a camera phone.**
**Well obviously a real camera would have been just as good. But my stupid battery is dead and I’m moving and can’t find the freaking charger and it’s a US charger anyway so even if I did find it, I would also have to find the adapter and I really don’t know where that guy is loiterin’ these days.

Also, I’M MOVIIING! Pictures to come!

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