Do You Know TED?

Guys, I am not even going to get into my love for TED. I won’t even mention my secret desire to win the lottery for the sole purpose of going to TED every freaking year for the rest of my life no matter where in the world I am or how much it will cost to get to TED.** And I certainly won’t mention that I love good talks so much, I have an iPod playlist devoted solely to speeches.

Nope. Today, I am just going to share with you THIS amazing man:

And this one, too:

because he is amazing for completely different reasons. He’s also an excellent speaker with AWESOME things to say.

Watch both. And then explain to me how THE HECK Keith Barry does it. WOW. He blew my mind. And does he not have such a cute little accent? I like in the beginning (~:29) when he’s like, And various ‘udder’ techniques. haha.

Oh, and if anyone is keeping track of these things: I just had a birthday. None of you got me gifts. (I keep track of these things.) I think, if you want to make up for it, you should really get me this, You can pool your money if you want! I’ll do the rest of it.

**Please don’t remind me that cost is not the only factor in attending this conference. *sigh*

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