23! …again

Today is my birthday. (Happy birthday to me!)

Last year was my 22nd birthday and it was really lame. Partly that was because I had moved to Jordan a few weeks before and got into the habit, at age 21, of telling cab drivers I was 23. I didn’t ever consciously decide to be 23. It’s just that one day a cabbie asked me my age and I blurted out 23, only to realize that I hadn’t even turned 22 yet. What??
And then I did turn 22 and not a soul in the country knew about it. That was lame, but then again, how often do you get to celebrate your birthday in secret? I bought my friend Maranda dinner at the mall (Indian food!), and then we went shopping at Carrefour (oh man. if only you knew how funny that really is) where I bought myself The Alchemist and single-serving containers of ice cream, which we ate while watching the third Pirates of the Caribbean.
I think I’d have preferred ice cream cake, candles and celebratory comments, but it was alright. Indian food, ice cream and Johnny Depp really make for a great celebration πŸ™‚
Today was much different. I was with a hundred other people with whom I’ve spent only the last 48 hours, and they were awesome! First thing this morning, they were sending me birthday wishes. This afternoon, they sang to me TWICE. And this evening, they bought me a little ice cream cake and lit a tealight on top. It was so sweet (and delicious!).
Oh yeah, and I’m in Prague right now. Here are three of today’s pictures:
This city is beautiful. β™₯ β™₯

This is me and Jeanne:

She is Australian and over 60 and the coolest woman ever. She’s here with her husband Bob, and last year she went to Peru and hike Machu Picchu! She’s also spent a night in the Burj al-Arab. I adore her and wish I could take her home with me as a birthday gift for myself.

It’s late now and I must wrap up this post. And since you all can’t be here with me, I’ll bring a bit of me to you:

Shirtless Europeans!!

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  1. Carrefour. I actually know EXACTLY how funny that is. =D
    And Prague looks amazing. hope you enjoyed your very huge birthday party and your 2nd 23rd birthday. sort of.

    night night

  2. lol, thanks for the gift btw, miss Anna. Lol, I do love traveling with you… er, through you…. er, in your pictures with witty commentary….