A few things about life that are cool

First of all, meet Kandee Johnson. She’s a makeup artist/blogger/YouTube guru who is just so awesome that my usual emphasize-by-capitalization won’t even do her justice (so I didn’t even bother). She has lots of great videos, ladies, but I think my favorite is this one:

Be nice to yourself–and your skin–today and try the Lemon Trick. It’s *so awesome*. And funny! For the Win! (I use fresh lemons on cotton rounds.)

She’s also the one who taught me about the wonders of olive oil. She didn’t lead me to this page, but something in one of her videos led me to do a search which ended in this page. So who, besides Genius Makeup Artist Extraordinaire Kandee, knew that olive oil actually helped cleanse your skin of OIL? How cool is that?! Guys, it’s so cool that if you were here with me, in person, right now, I would totally let you caress my face. And yes, ‘caress’. Because with skin this smooth and moisturized, it’s all you would think to do. Mmmmmm.

Try that, too–the oil, I mean. (Caressing will come later.) I recommend doing it right after The Lemon Trick. Your skin will freaking glow! It’s so awesome.

Second, last night was taco night and our friends made salsa. Made salsa. Mmmmmmmm.

Third, Toy Story 3. I saw it this weekend. As with the above, I will dispense with the usual hyperbole and write simply: Go see it.

Fourthly, Spain and Germany are playing tonight. I’m a little bothered that The World Cup has boiled down to three European teams, but you know what? Spain is in! And that’s what counts. I can’t wait to watch.

5thly, I’m getting an apartment this weekend. Or, more accurately, starting the month-long process that will end in the keys to a sweet new Dubai domicile. Yessss.

And finally, next week is my birthday. After another year of waiting, it’s here again! And I will be spending it in Prague. Unfortunately, I’ll be wrapped up in conference stuff all day, though that is decidedly better than being wrapped up in office stuff all day in the hot, humid university-by-the-landfill. I’ll be in Prague! I hope I get to eat really good bread.

You know what else I hope to eat? Good vegetarian dishes. They asked me on the application if I had any special dietary needs and I said I was vegetarian.

I hope I don’t regret it.


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