Music for a Monday Sunday Morning

(because Sundays here are Mondays)

I read in a magazine a few years ago that on average, a person will have three bad days a month. Ever since reading that, I have paid careful attention to the bad days I have and you know what I have found? I have, like, one bad day a month. Or maybe half a day. Like, guys, I just don’t have bad days.

Sometimes I wake up grumpy, but usually I wake up singing.

Often I wake up headachey, but I never feel crappy enough not to laugh.

I am a thoroughly happy person.

Today, though. Today, right now, it is 8:38 AM and I am ready to crawl back in bed and hide under the covers and drown myself in my crappy feelings. I hate today.

I feel physically lousy, probably because last night I ate a Krispy Kreme donut and I haven’t had one of those in *years* and I don’t think my body can really handle that sudden onslaught of crap.

I feel stressed like you wouldn’t believe because…..whatever. I don’t even care to explain. But I’m half the stress-case my father is, and with my mother out of town and it being summer and their departure date hurtling towards us, he nags. And worries and stresses and pressures and my only escape is the House with the Cats That Follow Me Around Meowing With An Impressive Degree of Obnoxiousness. Also, they claw me and knock things over and why did I agree to sit them again?


Anyway, the point of all this is:

Last night I watched the US vs Ghana game and IT WAS SO AWESOME. Well, up until the overtime when I fell asleep. But DUDE. Are you all watching the World Cup?? Oh my gosh I love it. My one complaint–my singular complaint!–is why FOUR YEARS? This one isn’t even over and I’m already excited about the next one. Rio! It’s going to be so awesome!

Today sucks, but do you know what doesn’t?
Music. Shakira. Africa.


This video will be the thing that gets me through the day.

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1 comment

  1. psshhht. am i watching the world cup? what kind of question is that? πŸ˜‰

    youΒ΄ll never be able to see another boring old mls game after this. =)

    and we need to skype. or something. i hope you are feeling better. =/