1. I am at work.

2. I arrived at 7:46, which is really early.

3. But it’s all good because Imma leave at 3:46. Summer hours rock.

4. I am not working.

5. Instead I am passing the time reading Yes and Yes (that song is awesome. Check it.) and dreaming about travel.

6. I wish I were traveling now.

7. I woke up this morning at 4:30.

8. The cats were tossing around and pouncing on a stuffed rat and a mix of their enthusiasm and jingly little collar-bells kept me up.

9. It is waaaaaaaaaarm.

10. It feels like a good day for the beach, but I know the water is too warm, and the sand much too hot.

11. I am wearing flip flops that don’t belong to me, and an awesome pair of pants that does. Life is good.

12. The air smells like the ocean. I’m just a few miles from the shore, but just a few blocks from a landfill, so normally I just smell rotting garbage. It’s so nice to smell the ocean.

13. I wish I were at the beach.

14. Eating ice cream.

15. Instead, I am just going to get back to work.

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