Two Days

It is currently Wednesday morning. I leave for the States Friday night.

Work is slow. School is out. Folks are on vacation.

And I am counting down to my own.

Remember a few months ago when the power went out? Repeatedly?

Well, the internet’s been off and on and off the last two days, and last night the power went out. I hear there are parts of campus that are still out.

So basically: There isn’t much to say. Not even about LOST because I still haven’t finished the series!! (See: Outages: power; internet)

But that’s not going to stop me from posting!

See, I know what y’all have been wondering: How COOL would Anna’s eyes look on Macro?

Eh. Not that cool.


Is that a CAMERA in her pupil?
Guys, it totally is!
(But seriously: Isn’t that cool? It looks like my eyelashes are reaching out to eat it….Or aren’t they?)

And this is what I look like when I’m focused:

Ah, so rare.
And finally…


πŸ˜€ Stay Tuned! Next time, Imma show you what I look like when the power goes out and all that’s left for entertainment is a fully-charged MacBook and a blue Maglite.

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