One of These Days…

I will write a proper post. For now, a smattering of thoughts:

I’m listening to Lady Gaga. Again. All day. I’ve been converted to the Church of Gaga and I’m loving it.

Two weekends ago, I spent a lot of money at Sephora. Well, not a lot by Sephora standards, but more than I’ve ever even imagined spending before in my life. It was a little nerve-wracking (no returns! ACK!) but dang I am glad I did it. I love Sephora and its expensive, amazing product lines. I can’t wait to go to the States and spend MORE there.
Important lesson in all this: I didn’t splurge. I planned very carefully ahead of time exactly the products I was going to buy, and after trying out a bunch of products in the store and comparing DHS prices to online prices and accounting for sales tax (which doesn’t exist here), I purchased everything on my list (4 items). No Buyer’s Remorse here, which is good because Seph products are spendy little devils.
So: spend wisely. Good products are worth the investment, but an investment is required.

Is anyone else annoyed by GAP’s vanity sizing? I bought a skirt the other day that was a size 4. A 4!! Do you know the last time I was a 4? High school. I’m not in high school anymore, The GAP! I’m 23. So please, enough with the lies. It’s annoying, and a little offensive to be forced into a smaller size. Yeesh.

I’m talking a lot about shopping because it’s become my latest favorite hobby. A(nother) new mall opened up in Dubai, not far from Sharjah, with a great mix of stores–American and European, high-end and PAYLESS SHOES. So it’s basically my new favorite place to be.

In totally not-shallow news: I have a mosquito net hanging over my bed. I used to get several bites a night a few nights a week and I HATE MOSQUITOES and their stupid itchy bites and missing out on sleep because of them!
I paid a few bucks for a net from my friend and hallelujah! THREE mosquitoes have tried to get me on three different nights and: THWARTED. I love mosquito nets.
I normally limit my charity donations to womens’ rights and counter human trafficking organizations (without limits, I just get overwhelmed) but I have recently added this one to my list. It’s grassroots. It saves children. It’s totally affordable. And I HATE MOSQUITOES. So, there’s my not shallow plug for the day.
Make a $10 donation. It will save a life, decrease the spread of disease, and: mosquitoes suck! Let’s not encourage them, okay?

I’m flying back to the States in 9 days. YAY! I love flying internationally. I love being in the US. I’m so excited to visit friends and family.



Until next time,

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  1. hehehe, shopping? oh and on that vanity size thing, ya, american eagle? they think I'm a size 2, now since you and I can swap clothes (minus the height restrictions on that) we both know this isn't true, but it was saddening to me to not know what size I truly was because I had lost a little bit of weight (i.e. I could fit your clothes you left me better and my pant were a little big so I was buying new ones)and I would've liked to know how much for real. oh, but I gave in they were only 2.50, for serious, so I bought the vanity pants and wear preteen jeans for a good price…..
    Lady Gaga?! ack! how could you! ok, so I do have two of her songs on a playlist, but a girl in my class had her cd and it took me until song 7 on the cd to figure out who it was and that it wasn't a crazy thai singer that I couldn't understand, it was an american singer that I couldn't understand, which brings me to “I can't understand you, and I'm a native!” πŸ™‚
    in other news, You will be here soooooo sooon!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! and yes I will squeal like that when I next see you πŸ™‚