Good Thoughts For A Monday Morning

Monday morning YOUR time, that is. For me, it is Monday night, and I am taking this opportunity to watch Chuck (I love Chuck) and write about the wonderful past few days. I’m two days into my week, but you: you are just beginning. And that is hard. May these thoughts warm your cold hatred for the start of the week.

On Friday, I had to stay after church for a bit because my mom got roped into an octet (haha). I passed the time by “playing” the piano. I would have passed more time that way, but a girl cam up to me and asked my name. Uh, [Ray]. What’s yours?

Maddie. Did you know that 3 hours in human time is a week and a half for a dog?
Guys, you couldn’t write this stuff. I couldn’t either.
Evidently, however, the writers of Friends could, and did. Friends, by the way, is off limits in her house and she and her older brother–who, in brave defiance of the ban–downloaded all ten season and burned them to DVD. When I asked what would happen if their parents found out about his DVD collection, she shrugged. Eh, probably get kicked off the computer for a month.

Oh, does he get in trouble often?
Half shrug. Probably thrice a year.
Guys, I am not even kidding! She actually said Thrice a year! Oh, I love this kid.
Then she ratted out her brother on a number of other serious no-nos, before imparting to me more great wisdom.
Did you know…
A blue whale’s tongue is bigger than an African elephant?
Snails are so slow, it takes a whole month for it to go 1 kilometer!
Smokers lungs are really gross. (She saw them once at school.)
Pluto isn’t actually a planet. It’s too small, and anyway, it’s just a bunch of ice, which real planets aren’t.
But my favorite part of the whole conversation came at the very end, accompanied by a factoid about siberian tigers.
Male Siberian tigers can be as long as a compact car. I hope they’re not jerks. We have enough of that in human boys (that’s my girl!): attention span of a spider empathy of a python.
I don’t know what that last part means exactly, but I LOVE IT.
On Saturday I went shopping and got some shirts. yay.
That night it rained. downpoured. flooded from the sky? I mean, I have never seen anything like it–and I know rain! Rain, thunder, lightning–for more than an hour! HEAVY rain, and near-constant thunder and lightning. I took video, but don’t have the harddrive space to upload it right now. (Here’s to my March paycheck! That will buy me a new computer!! A MAC !!!)
It’s seriously cool. Y’all should be on the edge of your seats with anticipation. I’ll get it up soon so you don’t damage your gluts and quads πŸ˜€

Last night we went shopping again and, because my mother made me, I tried on a pair of pants. I had tried on 4 other pairs that night and was soo tiiired of trying on pants! Plus, these were not my size AND they’re petite. I’m short, but I have never successfully worn Petite-sized pants.
But she made me!

And do you know what? They are *perfect*

So perfect.

They are exactly the right length (UNPRECEDENTED!) . They flare below the knee. The fit in the thighs without being too tight. And they fit perfectly on my waist–no stretching out and falling to my hips. No awkward gappiness. Just: Perfection.

Do you know what that’s like?

It’s like those two perfect pairs of $70 Express Jeans I own. Only this pair of pants was only $40 and I can wear them to work.

You know, the Real World really isn’t so bad.

And now it is time for me to go make and eat pancakes, then join Halina in several episodes of The Closer.

Hope your week is off to as great a start as mine πŸ™‚

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