Last Week

I quilted.

A lot.

Because I am jobless AND Mormon.

These are the first three blocks I finished:

It rained:

^That’s the view from my window. I’ve never seen such a forlorn dumpster.

This is the river that formed in front of our house:

And this is our carport (and our neighbor’s):

I love when it rains.

And the sky when it’s done:

The other night I went to bed and, after turning out the light, noticed blue and red spots flashing across my walls. A UFO?

Nope. Just this:

It’s been there for days. I’d rescue it, but I haven’t a clue how, except to hop out my window and risk falling through the…what is that wood thing called? Anyway, if you have any ideas…

Two weeks ago, we put up our Christmas tree. And by “put up” I mean unveil last year’s Christmas tree that never really got taken down:

And last night, I went to a Christmas party and gorged myself on pheasant, duck and pork sausage. Mmmmmmm. I love the holidays.
Photos here.

This week, I will be quilting, figuring out what gifts to get which people and how, getting out some cards, finishing the transcribing job for my prof (YAY), and baking and frosting 4 dozen gingerbread cookies. And getting paid for it. πŸ˜€

I’m looking forward to this week. Lots of fun things to do. And I won’t ever have to leave my pajamas πŸ˜€
Next week have a high school reunion! It’s only been 4 1/2 years, but what the hey. I’m excited.

And, I will be topping off the year with a trip to EGYPT. I’m not all that thrilled, what with the men and the harassment. You may recall that I did not do so well in Jordan–and the harassment there is nothing compared to Cairo. ACK!
Still, I’ve been jobless for MONTHS and I need to 1 get the freak out of my house already and 2 find a job. With any luck–or maybe with lots–I will accomplish both.

One week left before Christmas. Enjoy the heck out of it!

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