In Case You Needed A Reason To Join Team Jacob

You know, other than NEW MOON.

I’m watching Jimmy Kimmel now and the Twilight Love Triangle is on. I just have a few things to say before I get to Mah Point.

1. Edward and Robert Pattinson are very different. I think, firstly, that Edward should have an accent. And secondly, Robert Pattinson–surprisingly–has a personality. Why couldn’t he have shared any of that with Edward?

2. Kristen Stewart was freaking made to play Bella. SO DULL.

3. But she’s also very white. White! Like, her legs are way whiter than her body. I didn’t know they allowed actresses to look like that. Alright, Kristen, I can cut you some slack.

4. They showed a clip of the movie (part of the Volturi scene, ♥ Aro ♥) and: Bella’s hair. *want*

Finally, The Point.

Jimmy Kimmel whipped out these awesome magazine photos of Taylor Lautner busting some sweet breakdancing moves and they were so amazing that I decided to make a post of it and share them with you right here on my blog. But Google, instead of bringing me the pictures I asked for, brought me a video:

Google, how do you always know what I need?

And Taylor Lautner, dayy-yuhm.

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  1. haha. well, it's not like he REALLY did much before. and thanks for the laughs. i have to constantly suppress outright laughter from my professors. =)

  2. Nothing important, anyway. No sweet dance moves to Usher, no removing of his shirt…Like, why even mention his previous work, right?

    😀 You're welcome. That makes me happy to hear.

  3. Ah ha! I figured out where I knew him from, a young boys favorite film(I was forced to watch it *many* times with nephews and foster brothers), Sharkboy and Lavagirl, to think he grew up to be Jacob…. another reason *not* to see the movie, or just laugh at him the whole time….

  4. So cute! I am getting more and more convinced to switch teams. But I do have to say that if you take the rhetoric to be true in it's own right, why would Edward need to develop a personality from an evolutionary point of view. His vampireness makes him have all of the desirable qualities needed for social life, rendering the need for a personality to be useless. So I think the story fidelity is played fairly and I'm still mostly on team Edward. My loyalty is from the first time that he fought so hard to deny himself the pleasure of eating her, even though the denial had more to do with his own self preservation than it did for Bella's. It was still a big deal. But I am considering this seriously, even as I write this….. Hmmmmmm