Everywhere I Go, The More I See The Less I know

Today, this is my favorite song ever:

Just TRY not to feel good. I dare you.

Also, see if you can through it without shaking your shoulders or bobbing your head or tapping your feet. I submit that it is IMPOSSIBLE.(<—Just right there I had to stop typing because the beat compelled me to clap loudly.) Bonus: Rio de Janeiro! I actually don't know if that is a bonus because I don't know anything about Rio, but today I had an hour-long conversation with a friend about past travels and future destinations so any video that features an overseas destination is a BONUS to moi.

This is the band’s website. Part of it. I actually directed you to the propaganda portion of the website. (hahahahahaaaaaa.)

But it’s cool because the message is positive AND: does anyone else think it’s cool that this band is socially-engaged? I mean, other than at like clubs and awards shows. Because I think that may possibly be an even bigger bonus than the one about Rio. (How many people just thought of burritos? [Because Cafe Rio duh])

In Other Feel-Goodness: No headache today 🙂

I love you.

I love you.

I love yooooooooou.

—This post dedicated to positive social change, peanut butter spoonfuls with chocolate chips, and traveling the world.—

(I love you. I love you. I love yooooou.)

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  1. 1) awesome *awesome* song. he came to the U for RedFest.
    2) peanut butter w/ chocolate chips? sounds delish. but what happened to your nutella addiction?
    3) Rio? Traveling to Brazil? Prey tell which friend was this? 😉

  2. Geez. So even with all the hours spent ingesting MTV and VH1, I am STILL the last to know about this song? I guess it's just a good thing I am tuned in to the blogosphere.

    Alison, I miss hearing stories about your nephews. I am totally going to Google Wave you this weekend.

    1. Missed that. Like I miss everything cool.
    2. MMMMMM. Whoa whoa, you two were the Nutella addicts. I was the one saying THINK OF YOUR ARTERIES!
    3. HAHAHAHA. Not that one. My Mexican-American pal Halina, the neighbour I MLIA'd.

    You're welcome! Good luck! You only have to hang in there for three more weeks. w000000t.