Not My Words, But Definitely My Feelings


Dear World,

To most people it’s simple: man, woman, boy, girl. But I wonder, when the word “girl” comes out of your mouth, is what I’m about to say what you think of?

Being a girl you’re expected to look, act, just be a certain way. In the world today if you aren’t stick skinny, have the right bone structure, walk this way, and talk that way, you’re not accepted. For example, how many girls do you know who have won a karate tournament against all boys, cheerlead, hip-hop dance, is a “drama geek”, and maintains honor roll throughout the entire school year? You wouldn’t believe some of the things I’ve been told. Like it’s not possible to be a girl and succeed.

As a girl, there’s almost never a day where you can walk down the street or hallways at school without hearing a whistle, being grabbed, or degraded and disrespected in some other way.

But, the best thing about being a girl is having the strength and the courage to stand up and speak out about these things. As a girl, nothing has or ever will stand in the way of my dreams, and no man, boy, or public perception is ever going to change that, or take it away. As a girl, I know what it feels like to want and need love and respect, and as a girl, I have the strength in my heart to give it. My dreams and goals are bigger now more than ever, all girls deserve to have the strength and confidence I’ve developed and grown into in my life, be comfortable in their own skin, and I will give my all to make sure that they do, even if its only one at a time.

But most importantly, as a girl, I have the pride in standing here and being able to say:


Love Always.
Destiney, age 14

Destiney, you are awesome. Keep it up, Girl.

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