Quick! Pretend it’s still mid-September!

**I tried posting this weeks ago but the links went awry. Gar.**

Today the sky was blue, which is a big change from the previous months’ beige. It was also pleasant to be outside, which is a big change from the previous months’…well, this:

It’s so muggy that just walking outside fogs the lens.

Last week, Mom and I made it to Festival City (hello, peanut butter cup perfection) and on the way we encountered the following:

See the red symbol on the back window? I thought it looked like some sinister intergalactic warcraft. Mom thought it looked like bosoms. It’s neither, and that’s why the interpretations–especially hers–were so funny.

We went to Mall of the Emirates so I could (finally!) see the 6th Harry Potter movie. This may be why the Basilisk is this year’s hot item.

This was one of the movie posters.

Take note of the censorship. Someone did a bang-up job with that marker!

The Burj, looking very done:

It isn’t, but even in its unfinished state it is the world’s tallest building.

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