A Post of Little Effort

I got a post all assembled the other day and right before I published it, realized the pictures didn’t embed! So annoying. So, sorry for the delay and since I don’t feel like going back and fixing that post, I’m just going to go ahead with this one.

I went on a dhow cruise on Monday. The dhow I rode looked something like this:

in a place looking something like this:

They call it the Fjords of the Middle East, or of Oman, or of Musandam, depending on who you’re talking to. These fjords are a whole lot browner than the Fjords of Norway, and the mountains not nearly so huge, but these fjords had dolphins.

My pictures aren’t very good, but if they fail to show you how beautiful the scenery was, perhaps they can aid you in imagining how the contrast between the blue water and brown mountains combined to create Beautiful.


It was weird, though, being out there on the Arabian Sea with a dhowful of Mormons. Of the thirty, I think there were 3 who weren’t from Utah. We were the three not saying, “Take a pitcher!” and “oo, that one’s eckspecially nice.” Of those 27, 15 were under the age of 18.
The crazy thing isn’t the dramatic increase in the number of Mormons in the country, it’s that so many are from Utah. Some days it doesn’t even feel like I moved half way across the world.

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  1. Anna, I never want to travel the world except when reading your adventures, now I want to see it!!!! Ahh…. but thanks for the short travel break between classes πŸ™‚