Wanted: Short-term Commitment

Today, my parents announced that it was time to get me married.

This is a major change of policy, as my parents have long encouraged my bachelorettehood.
“Finish college!” They said.
“Get a degree!” The insisted.
“We don’t trust your judgment. We’ll choose for you!” They assured.

And then this afternoon while discussing future travel plans, I wished aloud for a travel companion because solo travel is just so exhausting. To that, my mom replied, “Yeah, too bad you’re not married.”

Dad: Maybe we could do something about it before she leaves.

So we thought about it and talked about it and thought some more and after several minutes of we all agreed that it was highly unlikely we would, in the next three weeks, find a young man possessing not just time and resources to travel for the next two months, but also a willingness to marry for the sole purpose of accompanying me on my travels around the Middle East. Because, you see, I am not really interested in getting married. It’s just that I don’t have money for a bodyguard.

But I’m not giving up! If you know of anyone, send ’em my way. I do cook (noodles) and clean (occasionally) and I’m really awesome company (most of the time).

Also, clearly I know how to have a good time:

And I’m not afraid of a little dirt.

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  1. i don't know what to tell you anna. i believe it was wilford woodruf who said “marriage is a great institution. you should try it.”

    speaking of short term, carlos is still available. not so much to travel. his idea is to kind of stay in the states….

    hmm.. what happened to that byu-i dude who was in dubai?