Dubai. Dubai! OMG DUBAI.

This afternoon I went to Dubai. I needed a haircut. Badly. (See profile.) I didn’t cheap out on this one, and for someone with a fast-diminishing savings account and a babysitter’s income, it was really an unwise decision. In case you’re wondering, yes, I am accepting donations. Please contact me at annaraybia {at} gmail {dot} com.

So: Dubai. Dubai. Wow. Dubai.
I mean, I was there in June. And actually, I was there just a few weeks ago at the airport. But I haven’t *really* been there in closer to 4 years. Normally when I come to visit at Christmas, we go to the mall because there is always some new mall to see. And just in December, we went to the Atlantis (just to visit for the afternoon. And indulge in a nice fat scoop from Coldstone). So maybe I shouldn’t be *this* shocked. I promise to one day to a side-by-side picture comparison so you can experience, to some degree, the urge I feel to just drop my jaw and utter incoherent phrases about how Dubai is so diff–I mean did you see–how in the–and so fast!!
But for now I will just show you some freaking pictures already.

This is a road I have been on many, many times before. It’s parallel to the beach, and runs right along Mall of the Emirates, which was not even there when I first started using it to get to school.

You see that raised, white part running along the road? That’s the monorail. That wasn’t even conceived of in 2004, but will make its inaugural run next week: on 09.09.09

Bur al-Arab
It’s $80 just to go inside, so of course this is the closest I’ve been:

Actually, that’s not true. Some friends and I once drove up to the bridge entrance, just to see if we could get through. Turns out, you really do need a reservation.

Whoa! Intersection?? NO WAY!

And this ladder leads to Heaven:


By the time my split ends were annihilated, night had fallen and the moon was shining brightly.

Unfortunately, my tripod was not around to ensure the picture was properly captured.

Humidity has been especially high lately. My sunglasses fog up when I leave the house, my camera lens fogs up whenever I try to take a picture, and the windows always look like this:

So there you have it. And here I have this. Mmmmmm.

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