What I Do(n’t) All Day

It’s 12:40 AM and I am tired.

Just like I’ve been all day.

Just like I was yesterday.

Because the day before yesterday, I stayed up late, doing nothing in particular. I did go to the grocery store and my friend’s office around midnight Friday morning, but was home by one. Still, I didn’t get to bed till 3 because there’s this thing called Twitter that sucks your life away! I don’t even know why I love it so much, or why I find it more valuable than sleep, but it keeps me up late. A lot.

I didn’t sleep in Friday morning because I had church and, actually, this Friday I got up early to take a shower, only to find that someone was already using it! So I got up a half-hour early only to be cranky and unable to fall back to sleep.
I didn’t take a nap Friday afternoon because I really don’t like napping. Sometimes it’s wonderful, but mostly it’s just several hours that could be spend reading or eating or tweeting.

And that night, I went to two parties. I participated in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, which means at the appropriate times I threw toast and rice and toilet paper with about 20 other people. I also danced the Time Warp, and was really weirded out by much of the film.

Then I went to a more normal party, filled with professors and alcohol, and this time I was home by 12. But still, didn’t sleep until 3. I’d like to say I was doing something more productive than Tweet-stalking, but I won’t.

At noon today, I woke up. A new day! I’m going to DO STUFF!

But my afternoon plans fell through and I soon found myself on the couch with book one of The Complete Calvin and Hobbes propped up on my knees. At 5, I got dressed. And at six, I finally went over to help my friend make dinner. At 8, I fell asleep (on her couch, while my friends and fellow dinnerguests photographed the room’s various rugs and vases, and also me).

So here I am, back on the couch but this time with my computer in my lap and Dr Horrible’s Sing-a-long blog playing in the background.

Tomorrow, I will resume my babysitting job. It’s not much, but it earns me a pittance and gets me off the couch.

[In my defense, I have read several books since being home, and have had a few successful study sessions.]

It’s nice to have a break, but this is ridiculous. I feel the knowledge leaking out of my brain and running across the mush that used to be my muscles.
My life is easy and luxurious, and completely unfulfilling. I miss my busy life. I miss earning money. I miss having a job with coworkers and a boss and a punch clock.

I’m writing this to explain why this blog is so uninteresting. Normally I have a lot to say about the Emirates but, since I don’t normally spend so much time on the couch, well, I haven’t seen much of it.

But more than that, it’s to remind myself that my late-night lazy-day lifestyle sucks and why don’t I do something already? So here’s the plan for the week:

1. Get rid of “stuff” in my room. Find a home for books, CDs, the two drawers brimming with jewel cases, and the t-shirts taking up my closet space

2. After doing laundry, hang clothes in closet on newly-vacated hangers.

3. Take more pictures.

4. Spend some time on campus making observations so I have something to write about.

5. Get some exercise, lest I be rendered unfit for my own wardrobe.

6. Do an hour of Arabic every day.

Also, no naps. No late-night tweeting. Cut back on the baked goods and learn at least one new dinner dish.

To productivity!

To fulfillment!

To interesting blog posts!

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  1. I so wish my boys had this same paradigm shift already. They still think the play filled, idle life is the best thing out there.

  2. Haha. College made me this way. I now can enjoy a good vacation–a few days of nothing–but then I get antsy. I like structure. I like accomplishing things, and I really like being busy. I'm sure one day they will, too. πŸ™‚