An Update About Nothing In Particular

First, photos.
Facebook tells me anyone can see them. I hope that’s true.

Second, we had a blackout yesterday. Rawr.
This is the candle we lit:

And then later we lit more, but they were less interesting and entirely lacking the Arabian Nights theme, so, no pictures of those.

So, how did we pass the 6 hours time?

Well, first we hung out at Burger King, because it was the only place on campus with any power.

The Oasis.

Then we wandered around in the dark until we came upon this streetlamp, which we used to pretend K was getting abducted by aliens:


And then we met some ghost-children on the swings:

K joined them:

And then the power came back on and we all went back to doing whatever is it we were doing before it went out. Like Facebooking and watching British cooking shows on BBCLifestyle. This fellow Ramsay is the Simon Cowell of the culinary world. It’s really quality television.

Now the weekend has arrived and I am off to enjoy it.

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