Dear Reader,

I’m home. Home! I love home.

I’m sitting at my kitchen table and the only sound I hear is the clock ticking on the wall. Soon, though, it will be joined by the air conditioning.
My dad cooked two great meals today, and even served me a small omelet for breakfast this morning. (How do you spell “omelet” by the way? I thought it was “omelette”. Blogger thinks otherwise.)
I watched 30 Rock and napped on the couch this afternoon.
And this evening, we had some friends over and visited for a few hours, all in the comfort of our living room.
It’s so good to be here.

I stopped posting because my writing was becoming increasingly bitter. Every time I sat down to compose something, all that would come out was a stream of vile obscenities directed mainly at Jordanian men, Jordanian internet, and Jordanian taxi drivers. I imagine I’ll post them someday–perhaps in whole–but for now I want to remember the good things.

Like ice cream. So much good ice cream in Jordan.

The falafel place I went everyday after class.

My roommate, who was so very good to me.

The blue sky.

The breezes.

My amazing teacher.

And all the cool places I went (namely: Petra and Wadi Rum).

Tomorrow, I’m going to the store with my mom to buy a novel. I am so excited.
Pictures to come.

Until then,


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  1. You look like a cyclops.

    And hey–did you ever get to Hashem? Cuz I really hope you did. Are you going back to the Levant, or sticking it out in UAE for awhile? If you fly thru Vermont, ever (ha! teeny airport…yeah…), would love to see you. πŸ™‚