Snapshots From My Life. Sort of.

Hi Folks,
Since I don't have any real pictures to upload—-hold on. Since I have pictures to upload but can't because What Is It With The Internet In This Country?? then I'm just going to have to tell you a bit about my life as though these words were snapshots.
The other day I was in a taxi and told the driver I was married. Married! Me! It’s the weirdest lie I’ve ever told.
The elevator in my apartment building doesn’t have a door inside so you can see all the floors as you pass them. Riding up to my apartment is almost as good as riding the elevator in the public library down from the fifth floor.
My roommate banned me from Television. Sigh. I miss it. I only had it for two days and then one day she came home and was like, It’s not just your brain that’s rotting.
Then she told me I could only watch it when she’s not home, which is like 3 hours every afternoon and I can’t even watch it while she’s sleeping because like here is the television and here is the door to her bedroom—which she leaves open when she sleeps! No television, no internet—no hot water even! And you should hear how I have to wash my clothes.
We don't have hot water in my house except for the shower. In fact, the one modern piece of technology we own besides satellite television is an instant hot water heater right next to the shower head.
Yesterday on my to school, I saw a fat Jordanian walking along the other side of the street and looking straight at me! When he saw me notice him, he winked. I gagged.
Everyone thinks I'm German, Russian or French. Only after the third guess does anyone think to say “Amreeka?” I'm not sure what to think of this.
Last night I took a taxi to my friends house and the talkative drive told me all about how much he looooves action movies. He owns 400 DVDs and you know what? He doesn't even sleep. He puts in a 12-14 hour day, then goes home and watches the action films. I said, Eh. I'm not much into the action films.
That's because you're a girl, he said.
Actually, I think it's because I like to sleep.
I bought myself a copy of The Alchemist for my birthday. Good book.
I'm now getting kicked off the computer. Gah.
I'll work on a post about Syria. There are a lot of funny stories and snapshots in that one.
This weekend I”ll be in Petra. More wonderful pictures you don't get to see. Hooray!

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