J is for Jor–Irritating

I’m in a remarkably good mood right now, all things considered. I mean, there’s this Sally Fields movie on right now and her character was on the phone while her daughter was being murdered. Like, screaming, struggling–the whole bit! But on my lap is a smallish computer which I am using to access facebook and write this entry. So I missed the most horrific part–I think. I don’t know, maybe I shouldn’t try to gauge the horror factor and should instead just settle on, Who the crap wrote this?

Look, the point is: my apartment doesn’t have internet. Like, none. And not anticipating this scenario–ever, not even in my tamest dreams–I didn’t bring any good literature with me. Also, completely forgetting how freaking exhausting language training is, I neglected to bring entertaining alternatives because, like, of course I’ll be able to spend 12 hours a day studying Arabic!


But I do have TV and I have spent a few to several hours this week getting reacquainted with this piece of technology. I mean, it’s been 4 years. I can’t just rush back in to this, you know? Right so, last night I sat down to watch So You Think You Can Dance and squealed because Oh My Gosh! SYTYCD! On TV! In MY LIVING ROOM! You’re squealing now, too, I know. Well, turns out that MBC is showing LAST season’s, which would be major demerits except that I didn’t have a TV last summer either so any season’s a good season, right? (Wrong. I actually did see season 2, which was the summer of 2006 which just so happens to be the summer I was at BYU doing an intensive Arabic course. ) But then! This couple was about to go out and Samba and the music starts and the camera cuts to some guy sitting in the audience. Wait, what? And then they show the couple twirling, and then another cut to that guy, and then a cut to the sign, and then Cat Deeley walks out and is all , That was awesome!


Um, I don’t know if that’s ever happened to you, but it is not awesome.
A few numbers later, Joshua and his partner did a 12-second Rumba. Have you ever heard of a 12-second Rumba? No, you haven’t. Because it doesn’t exist!



:0 :0

But wait, there is more.

Tonight, my roommate and I sat down to watch an MTVArabia special about Michael Jackson and they bleeped out words. Words like, “Gay” and “bisexual” and “crotch“. And more than once, “sexy”.

All I’m saying is, don’t get too attached to your oversexed culture. Because one day, you could be watching TV in Jordan. And when that day comes, you’re just going to be all alone in a hotel room watching some creepy movie about your murdered daughter. And then you’re going to be SO GRATEFUL that those censors did not let those filthy words hum across your tympanic membrane.

Off to Wadi Rum in a few hours. Pictures when I return!

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