The Day of Nothing

Last night I stayed up past midnight. This morning I slept in till 9:15. In the meantime, I was sleeping through my roommate’s snores.

This morning I had pancakes for breakfast. Thick ones with not a lot of syrup. It reminded me of Saturday mornings in California when my dad would sometime serve up a big batch of pancakes.
But mine weren’t in cool shapes.

I did a lot of time-wasting this afternoon. I watched the Daily Show and 30 Rock and surfed the internet. Then, once the afternoon was good and wasted, I wandered around outside and took pictures.

Arabs are a suspicious bunch, but I just walked around with my camera anyway. I figured they couldn’t suspect me of being a spy if I wasn’t acting like one.
So I took a picture of this guard:

(Actually, the real reason it’s blurry is that I was being stealthy about it. So much for bucking suspicion.)

There are some of this flower right outside this house.

And they smell even better than they sound.

I got back before sundown and realized I have to pay tuition tomorrow. $715 in cash. So I went to an ATM, but they were all out of big money. So I took out about $340 in twenty dinar notes. I was anxious the whole way home.

Just now, Sister Boyd came in and told me they found a cockroach in their room. She thinks they brought it back with the boxes but be on the lookout just in case.

Now I have to take a shower, and soon after I will go to sleep.

But all I can think about are cockroaches crawling up through the shower drain and scuttling across my bedspread.


I should never have watched Men in Black.

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