As Per Request

Viewing Israel through barbed wire
A shot from 2007


I’m in my bedroom now, sitting with the windows open and listening to the Arabic wafting through the curtains. No wait, now it’s just honking. Ah, the city.

I got to Amman on Monday morning and this is the first chance I’ve had to be on the internet. Let this be a lesson to you: cherish your internet connection. It is a wonderful luxury.
Amman is a great city. It’s big and full of cars, noise and cigarette smoke, but it’s got a good feel to it. It’s hilly and green, and every time I crest a hill, I expect to be able to look out onto the ocean. Such a disappointment to be in another landlocked place. Ah, well.
Today I was supposed to have orientation. I arrived at 10 AM and found a posting on the door:
Orientation postponed till tomorrow. Suckers.
The days have really worn me out. It’s not hot–low 90s, probably–but walking around in the sun as much as I do takes a lot of energy. So does getting used to a new place and language and taxis. The last two nights I’ve been out by 10 and up by 8. Today I didn’t do much AND Β I took a nap so even though it means I’ll regret it tomorrow morning during my placement exam, right now I’m happy to be up late.
I’m staying at the Amman Centre right now, which is a church thing. The church isn’t allowed to Proselytize here, so they just have a humanitarian thing going on. I’m in a two-story building and the bottom floor is the living space, and the top floor is church space. The missionaries are Brother and Sister Boyd. Interestingly, they are from Utah and not just from Utah, but right down the road from a family I know in the Emirates (who also have a home in Utah). Small world. This weekend I’ll move into my place. I’m pretty sad about that because it’s so homey here and Sister Boyd makes such great food.
I start class Sunday. I’m not really excited because bleh. Work. And no more homey home! But the campus is really nice and it’ll be fun to get back into Arabic.
More interesting updates to come.

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