Next week at this time, I’ll be soaking in the heat of Dubai. I say ‘soaking in’ because today it topped 48 C and combined with the humidity, I bet it feels a lot like a vat of stew.
I’m down to the last five days of waiting, and unfortunately they won’t be filled with parties and last hangouts. Instead I’ll be calling comcast to cancel my subscription. I’ll be checking on maintenance fees at Wells Fargo and trying to figure out where my USAA ATM card has gone. I have to give USMail a forwarding address and a half-dozen other annoying but necessary things. Oh, and I need to find a place to live in Amman.
Today I got the last of my necessaries, which includes putting down another $100 on camera stuff: rechargeable batteries and a two-year protection plan with Geek Squad. Now if I could just figure out how to use it…

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